Liquide Zeolite vs. Powder zeolite

All published scientific studies ever done on Zeolite showing it beneficial in detoxification, cancer, improve imune system, free radical remover etc..

building, etc, were done on the powdered mineral.  The dosage of Megamin Activ used in these scientific studies was 4,000 mg to 12,000 mg or 4 to 12 grams per day.

In the image above is the label Megamin Actiw powder pure product and the label of a leading liquid zeolite company. The label of the liquid zeolite product shows each serving contains 24 mg of Zeolite with 100 servings in each bottle. Multiply the 100 servings by 24 mg per serving and you get 2,400 mg per bottle.  That is 2.4 grams of zeolite!  Well short of even the minimum daily dose shown beneficial in the studies (4,000 mg-12,000 mg or 4-12 grams.) You would need to consume 1.6 to 6.5 bottles PER DAY to attempt to match the effectiveness of the zeolite in the studies.  Once more, at 50.00 – 60.00 € per bottle of liquid zeolite, it would cost you 85.00 to 400.00 € PER DAY.

In comparison, our Tribomineral activated zeolite TMA-Z Pure offers two time per serving 2,5000 x2 = 5,000mg SERVING (one-two teaspoon) and 160 serving per container for total of 400 grams of pure zeolite.  The math becomes very clear when you compare the price per gram of zeolite.  You can choose 400 grams of powdered zeolite for 59.90 € (14 cents per gram) or pay 59.00 per bottle.

(over 21 € per gram) for 2.4 grams of micronized zeolite from the liquid manufacturers.