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Megamin Activ
Fighting cancerogenic diseases

TMA-Z, tribomineral activated zeolite, a major component of Megamin Activ has proven to be very useful in treating most serious conditions and diseases. Megamin Activ is also used in body detoxification.

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Super Potent Antioxidant.

It has been undisputedly confirmed that Megamin Activ is a very effective oxidoreductive preparation, and probably the most Super Potent Antioxidant in the world that is taken orally.

Proven Quality.

In the process of making Megamin Activ, the clinoptilolite is activated into grains smaller than 226 nm, and its bioactivity and bioavailability are also increased up to 1000%.

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100% natural product.

Zeolite is mineral that is formed when lava reacts to water during a volcanic eruption. A pure form called clinoptilolite, is used as the basis for our products.

Dolomite is a carbonate mineral composed of calcium magnesium. Ideal concentration of calcium and magnesium is 2:1 - a basis of Megamin Activ.


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This is sure is a potent antioxiant. I've been talking Megamin Activ for past 20 days and I feel truly energetic and amazing already!


Truly amazing product. My energy levels during a typical work day are sky high. Amazing!


I've just had amazing experience using Megamin Activ. Finally no more nausea.


I have been through demanding chemoterapy because of brest cancer. Megamin Activ help me and improve my immune system. Thank you Megamin Activ.


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