No. 1 antioxidants supplement in world

Regard to the latest scientific understanding of human genome and the influence of certain nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phenols) on variations in genome expression in view of reducing the risk of the appearance of certain diseases, 21st century medicine will be based mainly on prevention (profilaxis) of acute and chronic diseases.

Today the concept "food as medicine" is already being referred to more and more, and scientists as well as the food industry are oriented towards the creation of new food products with specific functional properties and enriched with nutraceutics, which help in prevention or in solution of certain health problems.

Other factors thought to contribute to a healthy lifestyle are also recommended, such as physical activity well into old age, avoiding intake of toxic substances (e.g. alcohol, tobacco), as well as diets rich in fibers, vitamins, minerals and other antioxidants.

Megamin Ativ, a dietary mineral preparation which recently appeared on the market, is a food supplement which has generated interest among the scientific and professional community as a result of the surprisingly positive effects that have been noted, particularly with those suffering from severe chronic diseases.

The results of scientific investigations of the effects of Megamin Activ, particularly its basic component, tribomechanically activated zeolites, magnesium,calcium and microcristaline cellulose , have shown their strong antioxidative effects, absorption of heavy metals and toxins, as well as bringing patient organism into balance (equilibrium) of functions of individual organs.