Zeolite (TMAZ-MEGAMIN) remove dental plaque:

A double-blind cross-over study was performed to evaluate the inhibitory activity of silver zeolite (TMAZ) mouthrinse on plaque formation. Eleven dental students participated in this study. TMAZ mouthrinse was prepared by suspending SZ powder into phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) at a concentration of 3% (w/w). Type-A zeolite was used as a placebo. Before the experiment, the subjects were rendered plaque- free by professional prophylaxis. They then suspended any oral hygiene for five days, during which time they rinsed with either TMAZ or type-A zeolite mouthrinse twice a day. TMAZ significantly reduced plaque formation compared to the placebo (p < 0.05), suggesting that silver ions released from the TMAZ inhibited plaque formation.