51 year old female with Symptoms of Breast Cancer

In patients illness with breast cancer (planocellular carcinoma) Megamin Activ was also applied after surgical therapy. Significant physical improvement and an improvement in terms of condition were observed, and the anemia as well as the bodily weight were improved.

We note that in these patients Megamin Activ was dosed according to the same usual scheme (1. week 6 capsules  per day + 0.6 g of powder; 2. week 8 capsules per day + 0.9 g of powder; 3. week 10 capsules per day + 1.2 g of powder).

As a rule the patients were taking this therapy well. As regards side effects, it was observed that the patients are complaining about a mild to stronger  flatulence and meteorism, as well as frequent urination.