1. Case #1 - 70 year old male subject with prostate cancer symtoms.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer in April of 1997. His prostate specific antigen (PSA) count was 23 in April 1997 and  increased to 40 in October of 1997. Received an implant in his stomach (hormone therapy) in February 1998 to prepare
him for radiation therapy. Began taking TMAZ in November of 1997. His PSA levels continued to drop monthly  after beginning the TMA-Z therapy. His latest PSA count taken in mid-March shows a level of 2.4. Patient has made a de-
cision to not take radiation treatment. His general condition is very good. He has put on weight and reports that he feels bet-
ter now than he has for two years.

2. Case # 2 - 53 year old male subject with cancer of the liver and kidneys.
Cancer in the kidney was detected 1.5 years ago during a surgery for kidney stones. After surgery it was discovered through a biopsy that the cancer has migrated to the liver. Doctors determined that there was no possibility of using chemotherapy treatment. Subject’s condition deteriorated further. He lost 35 pounds. He was unable to walk  more than just ten feet without having to sit down. Began taking TMA-Z capsules in November (8 per day). Within one week he noticed that his skin color was no longer a yellowish color and had returned to its normal color. Subject has put back all of the weight he lost and his overall health continues to improve. He can now walk over one mile without a problem with fatigue. Subject was being treated by the Veteran’s Administration Medical Services. He is  now going to visit the Mayo Clinic for final tests to be certain the cancer is in remission. He now feels like he is in perfect health.

3. Case # 3 - 55 year old male subject with lung cancer.
Patient was diagnosed with lung cancer approximately six (6) months ago. Has been a cigarette smoker for many years.
Doctors put subject on chemotherapy treatment and his body had very bad reactions to the chemotherapy. He decided to stop the chemotherapy treatment in February, 1998. Patient was in a very weak condition as a result of the chemotherapy plus his body had lost substantial weight. Began taking capsules approximately one (1) month ago (February, 1998).
Immediately he noticed that his facial color improved and his overall health improved. Subject continues to take the capsules and will have a complete examination (physical) in next two weeks with a scan to determine the status of the cancer.

4. Case # 4 - 50 year old male subject with Krone's Disease.
Patient was operated in 1974 (age 26) for short bowel syndrome (at Mayo Clinic). An illeostomy was performed at that time. Krone’s disease and chronic fistulas were diagnosed. Has suffered with this disease for many years. Recently was hospitalized for treatment of prostatitis (February 1998). Doctors examined his bowel during this hospitalization and discovered that there was no evidence of the Krone’s disease in the bowel. Subject has been taking TMA-Z capsules since December, 1998 and the doctor’s attribute the absence of the Krone’s Disease to the TMA-Z.

5. Case # 5 - 68 year old male subject with colon and lung cancer.
Cancer was first discovered in November of 1996 during a colonoscopy operation. The surgeons removed 6 inches of colon and a large cancerous growth. In December of 1996 it was determined through diagnosis that the cancer had spread to the liver and lungs. Started chemotherapy treatment in January of 1997 and this continued through 1997 with very little improvement according to CAT scans performed. Began taking TMAZ in November of 1997. CAT scan on December 2 showed no sign of the cancer. His physical condition has also improved greatly since taking the TMA-Z.