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Shipment and payment terms

Delivery costs are calculated for the purchase by the price list:

PRIORITY SHIPMENT EU and WORLD with tracking no.

65 - 215 g 8,50 €
215 - 465 g 12,50 €
465 - 965 g 17,50 €
965 – 1,965 g 26,00 €

Shipments are sent via Croatian Post - www.posta.hr Where your shipment is you can see through the tracking of shipments via the Internet - http://www.posta.hr/provjera-statusa-medunarodne-posiljke

Time of dilivery

deadline for the submission of priority shipment is:
For the EU 3-5 days
For other countries 5-12 days


Paying with credit card.

Complaints and return of goods

The complaint will be admited within 14 days of receipt, if the product is not damaged and opened.

For the return of the goods and all information applies to the Consumer Protection Law.