Effective reasearch of chronic illness get results from the long-term build up of heavy metals in the body, chelation therapy, presents with lot of clinical challenges, effects and unpredictable efficacy.


Use activated zeolite - clinoptilolite to remove toxic  metals which may offer an efficacious and safe alternative to the traditional medicine approaches. This study was made to evaluate the ability of activated zeolite clinoptilolite in water (TMA-Z) to remove heavy metals from the body ,without the undesirable removal of physiologically important electrolytes. Two grups was made from healthy men aged 36 to 70 years.


Men were given a commercially available supplemet substance for seven days (Group 1) and 30 days (Group 2), urine samples has been collected at right time points in the study. Urinary changes of the heavy metals concentartions  were measured by inductively with plasma mass spectrometry and compared to the baseline.


Serum samples were also obtained from 5 individuals in each group and serum electrolytes were resulting  prior to and after taking the product. In both groups were increased level of heavy metals in the urine with the peak excretion at around day 4. No clinically alterations in serum electrolyte levels has been seen at either seven or 30 days.


Study conclusion demonstrates that the daily use of an activated zeolite clinoptilolite (TMA-Z) suspension represents a safety and effective way to remove toxic and heavy metals from the human body, increased urinary excretion without removing  detrimental amounts of vital electrolytes.


In the last few years there has been a growing population with the symptoms of contradistinction to the rare occurrence of acute heavy metal toxicity,and  illness with chronic accumulation of hevay metals, such as lead, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, and aluminum is far more common than ever suspected. Accumulation of these mentioned  metals takes place over months or years, there are no acute effects on begining, and because the symptoms are usually quite nonspecific, only the astute clinician suspects chronic metal poisoning.


Slowely accumulation of heavy metals were implicated in number of neurological diseases;



2.Hyperactivity disorder

3. Encephalopathy

4. Parkinson’s disease

5.Alzheimer’s disease

(Specific links have been betw. lead and mercury accumulation and the development of learning disorders other than autism disorders)

7. Cardiovascular disease

(In addition, cardiovascular diseases, such as hypertension and cardiac rhythm disorders, have  linked to the accumulation of lead)

8. Reproductive problems

(numerous heavy metal exposures)


Given these data, it is not surprising that there werw renewed interest in the various forms of chelation available to help decrease the overall body burden of heavy metals. Unfortunately, some of these chelating agents have significant side effects, including the depletion of needed electrolytes and cardiac complication and death.


The naturally MEGAMIN ACTIV (TMA-Z) activated clinoptilolite, is a mineral that is known to have unique qualities that might make it is an alternative to actualy available chelating agents for the removal of metals from human blood, also from tissue, and adipose stores