Breast cancer ribbon


Breast Cancer Awareness Programs Are Mandatory To Let The Unknown People Know About Its Real Meaning


Well, 2.8 million breast cancer survivors are currently residing in just US. So just, imagine how many more survivors are there around the globe. These people are fighters, as they have fought with dead, and got their lives back. Thanks to the awareness programs and some great medical inventions, now, people have every right to fight with the breast cancerous cells and gaining back their life and fun, they have been missing out for so long. If you search through the internet, you will come across various awareness programs, dedicated to the breast cancer survivors. You have so much to learn about it.


The month of October


October is the breast cancer awareness month; celebrating the new lives and zeal of breast cancer survivors. It is that time of the year, when everything goes pink. Here, pink is the symbol of not just love, but energy and a new life. It is also defined as an annual campaign, which currently addresses the increase of awareness among me and women both, regarding this disease. Most of the people are well aware of this disease, but unfortunately, not all of them are aware of the symptoms. They forget to take steps at the preliminary stages to curb the spread of breast cancer, giving rise to fatal diseases. Therefore, these annual programs are necessary for you to attend.


More about the awareness


The primary aim of breast cancer awareness is an urge and effort. This is a method of increasing awareness and reduces the social stigma, related to breast cancer. This can only be done by educating the masses on treatment, symptoms and some homecare routines, for those suffering from breast cancer. These are sharing of real thoughts, from none other than the survivors. Supporters always know that greater knowledge will leads to earlier diagnosis and detection of cancerous cells in your breast. It is again related to longer survival rate.


About the money


The money, collected through the awareness programs, is given to the organizations and NGOs, working on breast cancer. Here, this money can be a lifesaving option for the poorer community of the society, which cannot handle their medical costs by themselves. The main aim of these programs is to provide a permanent and reliable cure. Breast cancer advocacy can be defined as a type of advocacy for your health. These advocates are held responsible for raising funds for more knowledge, better care and patient empowerment. They might even conduct some educational campaigns for the unknown people, and let them handle the case, well.


Learning about pink ribbon


Pink ribbon or the breast cancer ribbon is the international symbol of awareness program. As defined by the name, here the ribbons are available in light pink color. It is used for identifying the wearer s the promoter or wearer of breast cancer. It can be worn as ways to express moral support for women, suffering from breast cancer. You can see the usage of these ribbons mostly during the breast cancer awareness month, that is, in the month of October. 

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