7 ways how you can increase your prostate life

The herbs, prostate supplements, and medicines focus on reducing DHT levels (5a-dihydrotestosterone) — exactly the wrong thing to be doing — and though this action can produce some improvement in prostata life, it won’t take care of the underlying issues which cause a swollen prostate.

The natural swollen prostate supplements contain few, if any, infection fighters – not enough to be effective if an infection is the major issue, but maybe enough to help just a bit. To better understand how to treat prostatitis, read on:

1.As we age, it is rare that an infection is the only issue causing your swollen prostate. One way or another, hormones are most likely involved too. And, none of the other prostate supplements help in any way with a testosterone backflow issue.

2.For the supplement companies and the drug companies, focusing on DHT levels turns out to be a perfect solution for getting you to buy their supplement on an ongoing longterm basis.

3. By focusing on DHT, your prostate problems are likely to improve a little. Probably even enough to keep you using them regularly and long term. Because your swollen prostate doesn’t fully go away and so you keep using these supplements or drugs to get what improvement you can.
But it’s not so perfect for you. Your problems don’t go away. And you may end up using (and paying for) products or drugs again and again while all the time still suffering to some extent or the other with symptoms of prostatitis.

4.A solution that a naturopath or doctor who is aware of the out of balance hormonal, too much estrogen issue might suggest, is to do a full hormone panel and then supplement with the (bio-identical) hormones you need.

5.A hormone panel/supplementation approach would be quite expensive, even for the testing. And secondly, there is a major problem with taking hormones.

6.Taking hormones makes your body lazy about making those hormones — so it reduces production of them, and you are stuck using the supplemental hormones long term. Plus, when you supplement with hormones, it is easy for your hormones to get out of balance. So you need to retest your hormonal levels, and readjust hormone intake frequently.

7. Even before it was upgraded and optimized to work on all three of these issues, it was producing spectacular results for most cases of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia). What make this solution so unusual is that it is so simple.

The best way how you can increase your proste life is a healthy food and esential natural minerals which can provide you  Megamin Activ, because of  minerals and electrons in it.