Preventing Prostate Cancer


Cells in the human body that begin to proliferate without control cause the condition known as cancer. Almost any type of cell can proliferate in such a manner, and thus cause cancer. When this abnormal proliferation happens within the prostate tissue, the condition is referred to as prostate cancer. This is one of the most common types of cancer that occurs in the male population, especially in patients who are over the age of 50.


Throughout the past years, there have been multiple studies regarding the treatment of prostate cancer. Currently, prostate cancer is treatable if discovered in time. However, the best treatment for prostate cancer is to completely prevent its onset. According to the aforementioned studies, there are several things that patients can do in order to prevent the onset of prostate cancer. In order to prevent prostate cancer, patients must understand why it occurs. There are 3 major risk factors that can cause the onset of cancer:


  1. Age - prostate cancer occurs rarely before the age of 50. Studies show that the median age of occurrence in American patients is 69 years old. With age, prostate cancer becomes more common than other types of cancer.
  2. Family history - prostate cancer in either the patient’s father or brother will double the risk of cancer. Moreover, if the cancer developed before the age of 55, the risk of prostate cancer is even greater.
  3. Domicile - Prostate cancer occurrence varies greatly between continents and countries. Depending on various factors, including the degree of industrialization of the country or area, occurrence can vary from 2% in rural China to almost 20% in the United States. Moreover, due to insufficient exposure to sunlight, hence reduced vitamin D levels, people living closer to the North Pole are more likely to develop prostate cancer.


Modifying both one’s lifestyle and diet has been shown to greatly decrease the risk of prostate cancer. Moreover, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle can also improve the quality of life of patients who are already suffering from prostate cancer. Here are the best methods that can protect your prostate from cancer:


  • Reduce the intake of calories - keeping a balanced diet and an optimal weight is one of the most important preventive measures
  • Reduce the intake of red meat and dairy products - is especially necessary due to the amount of fat that is present in these foods
  • Increase the amount of daily exercise - in order to keep your metabolism at an optimal rate and improve fat burns
  • Use Calcium supplements - although Calcium shouldn't be taken in excess, it can be supplemented up to an upper threshold of 1500 mg per day
  • Increase the intake of fish - due to the extremely healthy omega-3 fatty acids, which are also considered to be “good fat”
  • Avoid unhealthy vices - both smoking and alcohol should be avoided as much as possible, as these can both lead to prostate cancer, but also other types of cancer
  • Reduce stress - as much as possible. A stressful life can facilitate the onset of many types of cancer, including prostate cancer