Megamin Activ is a new anti diarrheic supplement for humans and has been developed based on the physical and chemical properties of the purified natural clinoptilolite TMA-Z. A seriously of chemicals and physical, physical, pharmacological chemical, microbiological, pharmacological,  technological, , and clinical studies were successfull conducted to got requirements of the Cuban Drug Agency.


The best results concerning the biological and properties mechanism of TMA-Z are:


a) Clinical study  of patients with diabetes and vascular impairments neuropathic diarrhea- This was a

very strong study with diphenoxilate of atropine, an antimotility drug. The results was not show extremly difference between the two drugs, which is remark because diarrhea – neuropathic which is a syndrome of patients with vascular damage produced by diabetes mellitus. Thus the recovery of the patients have to achieved in the first 24 h, and this was made  by application of Enterex therapy.


Drog dosage wad demonstrated that adverse side effects, contrary to diphenoxilate of atropine, which not allow for a second dosage without adverse side effects.


b) Clinical study in patients with acute diarrhea disease resulting from food intoxication. The main cause of acutly diarrhea in adults is food intoxication, therefore, the fourth clinical study have to conducted in a large population of volunteers (434) affected by diarrhea.


Study results shows shows that 75,6% of the patients recovered from diarrhea with Megamin Activ in the first 24 h and 24,4% in 36 h. These figures confirm the excellent results


Previous studies show as a significant reduction in time for the physiological evolution of an

acutly diarrhea in 72 h – without side effects.


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