Symptoms and Early Warning Signs of Stomach Cancer


The early warning signs of stomach cancer in adults differ greatly from one person to the other and these signs may not be there in the initial stages. It is due to this and the extensive capability of the stomach to dock these developments which makes carrying out tumors so tough in the initial stages of the disease.


The common symptom of stomach cancer is indigestion which everyone experiences at some or other point of their lives. With this fact in mind, it is believed that in the present and coming time more and more developments in the detection will be carried out for this disease.


Early Signs of Stomach Cancer


The initial specs of stomach cancer in humans aren’t very specific. One of the symptoms is indigestion. But, can you really wonder, how indigestion could be a sign of cancer? You might just be feeling unwell, a little tired or just uneasy feeling. Fatigue is another common issue. Sometimes you may feel unwell without any prior detection, you may be susceptible to find it in the later stage.


With these casual symptoms which anyone can experience in their daily lives, you cannot be tested for cancer. However, if you do experience these symptoms, getting a complete checkup is a must. Unluckily, the initial stage stomach cancer doesn’t reveal any symptoms. It is because of this reason that stomach cancer is so difficult to detect in the initial stage. Some of the signs and symptoms of stomach cancer are:


-          Weight loss

-          Loss in appetite

-          Stomach pain

-          Imprecise abdominal discomfort, commonly above the navel.

-          Feel of fullness even after consuming a small meal

-          Indigestion

-          Heartburn

-          Nausea

-          Vomiting

-          Fluid build up

-          Swelling

-          Low RBC


A large number of these symptoms are usually caused by other diseases rather than cancer, like ulcer or a stomach virus. They may also prevail because of the presence of any other type of virus. People who often experience these symptoms should instantly book an appointment with their doctors to find the reality of the disease.


As stomach cancer isn’t usually discovered in the initial stage, only one in five of the stomach cancers are detected in the early stage, before it reaches the other body areas. With the progress of the disease, the warning symptoms get more obvious. But the issue at this stage is that the case gets a little out of control to handle.


Malnutrition could be a reason specially, if the patient faces problems like feeling full, difficulty in swallowing or digesting food. Sometimes bleeding occurs and patients experience black bowel movement.


Abdominal pain could be a real problem; however, there are patients who experience very little pain symptoms. Chest pain often occurs along with blog clotting in the lungs, pathological fracture of the ribs.


See a gastroenterologist to get to know whether all the symptoms exactly reveal the disease or not. It is very important to deeply study the symptoms to diagnose this rarely detectable disease.