How could Stiv Jobs conquer Pancreatic Cancer?

What are the Major Causes of Pancreatic Cancer:

Pancreatic cancer is possibly one of the least acknowledged cancers in today’s time. In the past 40 years, only small advancements have been made in understanding the basics of this disease about what actually leads to it. However, little that has been found is that when the mutation of your body gets damaged at some point, it leads to pancreatic cancer.

So, it is majorly caused by DNA mutations and there are three ways in which you can damage your DNA. It is either you are born with a DNA mutation inheritance from your father or mother, second you things like smoking and drinking which damages your DNA and third it gets damaged by chance.

Another way to give answer to your question about cause of pancreatic cancer is because of certain risk factors. These risk factors are mentioned below:

  • Cigarette smoking- cigarette smoking enhances the risk of pancreatic cancer. In fact, scientists have claimed that one in 4 or one in 5 of the pancreatic cancer patients come because of cigarette smoking. It can also be linked with early age at diagnosis. Very importantly, the chances of cancer fall to normal in people who give up smoking. Simply said, cigarette smoking is major cause of pancreatic cancer.
  • Age- the chances of getting pancreatic cancer rises with your age. More than 80% of the pancreatic cancers are diagnosed between sixty to eighty years of age.
  • Gender- Pancreatic cancer is more common in men in comparison to women. This is for the simple reason because men smoke more than women.
  • Race- Studies of USA have shown results that pancreatic cancer is more developed in the African American race in comparison to the white people. This could be cause of the socioeconomic factor.
  • Religious background- this cancer is more common in Ashkenazi Jews in comparison to the other population of the world. It is because of a specific inherited breast cancer gene mutation (the BRCA2) which is found in the Ashkenazi Jewish people
  • Severe pancreatitis- severe or long term inflammation of the pancreatitis is also connected to the development of cancer of the pancreas.
  • Diabetes mellitus- Sugar diabetes can be a major cause and symptom of pancreatic cancer. Long term diabetes can also enhance the risk of pancreatic cancer.
  • Obesity- it vehemently enhances the risk of pancreatic cancer. Agree or not, it has been seen that 8% of the cancers are connected to it.
  • Genetic- as stated before, a number of cancer inherited syndromes enhance the risk of pancreatic cancer. This comprise of breast cancer syndrome (PALB2 and BRCA2) FAMMM (familial atypical multiple mole melanoma syndrome), lynch syndrome also called the non-polyposis colorectal cancer syndrome and more.
  • Diet- Food rich in cholesterol, meats, fried items and nitrosamines also enhance the risk. And the diets rick in vegetables and fruits lower the chances. Vitamin folate is protective.

These are some of the major cause of pancreatic cancer which could lead to this deadly disease.  If detected early, you can always get it treated well.

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